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Welcome to Psychic Centre, the home of GENUINE PSYCHICS!

Psychic Centre was established by Susan Rae the top British Psychic with the aim of providing a Single Source for everything Spiritual in particular a Genuine Reading you can believe in!! Susan is a well respected Psychic and clients worldwide have benefited form her gift over the past 25 years.  It is also her intention personally put together the best Team of Psychics who have passed her rigorous tests and have proved to her that they truly have the gift! This will enable PSYCHIC CENTRE  to offer the same level of help and guidance to a wider audience.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Sue and her gift we have included some background information about her and her upcoming book Aria's Whispers
© which will be published shortly.


I am 50 years of age and a working medium / clairvoyant, I used to live in the beautiful new forest area of UK surrounded by nature and beauty before my move to equally beautiful Southern California, for which I am eternally grateful.  I am now lucky enough to be able to split my time between these places and love every second of it!

I was the first born to my parents, followed by my sister some six years later whilst we were christened my sister and I along with my parents grew up in the warmth of our local spiritualist church, both my parents sat in development circle and developed their mediumistic sides and healing abilities. I guess it was a natural progression for me to follow in a similar way and develop myself spiritually although I didn’t sit in a development circle, I found my own development just happened.

I now realise just how much direct contact and influence I must have had and why in my early teenage years I spent a lot of time in meditation. Back then I kept my spiritual endeavors quiet generally speaking, as it was generally perceived to be a bit odd. Today thankfully understanding has moved on and spiritual pursuits and understandings are widely recognised by most even if not embraced by everyone. When time allows I give talks and run workshops; be it tarot, development circles or numerology.

I wish I were a poet or a great storyteller who could lead you to understand the greatest truth. All that I can say is that I am an ordinary person who has been given words of understanding from the spirit realms.

The great spirit of which we all manifest; call it what you will The Cosmos God, The Universe, Buddha, The Christ, the Prophet, The counsel of elders.

I believe that the potent energy waiting for all of us to tune into and use is here and I don’t feel the need to label it or affiliate it to a religious sect type.

So no doctrine to follow no religion to truly believe in, just spirits voice (however quiet at times ) to follow.

As I was told ‘listen to the inner voice; the one that advices “all will be well” and that says

“you have nothing to fear”’

It seems so long ago that I had my first, what I call tangible spirit contact and back in those days it wasn’t always easy to discern between spirits ‘voice’ (clairsentient) and wishful thinking. However my spiritual development grew as I did and I found myself being guided continuously, be it to do with major issues in life for myself or for others.

Remember Spirits do have a great sense of humour and love for us all to be happy and joyous which is our true natural state. I am eternally grateful for the light-hearted moments.

I believe this planet we find ourselves upon is the school, it is where we learn the necessary lessons appropriate to our soul’s needs. We need this physical embodiment to hone our souls, to grow spiritually until we reach a state of divinity where we no longer require incarnations.

Then join the ranks of guides and helpers guiding new souls here at ‘The School’ This strange little book came about because of all the pertinent information that I received to questions I asked or was asking for others or simply as a result of being in meditation. It has all been given to me word by word that I have written down not knowing what the message is until I re read the page.

All that you have before you to read is channelled writings going back to my then tender age of fourteen up until present day. I find it overwhelming still that Aria (my main spirit guide) gives such wonderful messages, love, and beyond that great hope whenever called upon.

Please understand that whilst this book has been ‘given’ to me for my use and for my sitters, I do believe that our similarities are greater than our differences and I hope that you will gain greater clarity and comfort from Arias Whispers.

Allow the universe to guide you to pertinent information by flicking through this book or reading cover to cover or hold your dearest question in mind then open at ‘random’ you will be guided to all that you need at that moment. After all, your life so far has led you to picking this book up off of the shelf and perusing its contents. Realise friend, your guides are moving you forward and helping you too. Some of the most painful experiences lead us to the greatest understanding and growth.

May your God bless you and yours and all your endeavours.

My love to you



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